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Your journey into motherhood is worth celebrating with maternity photos in a beautiful maternity dress at a gorgeous location! Inquire today for a maternity photography session in the Lafayette, Indiana area!



Although pregnancy is crazy hard, it is one of the most beautiful and amazing times in your life. The sheer anticipation of meeting your sweet baby who you have carried and loved for almost 10 months mixed with all of the unknowns and the fact that your world is about to be turned upside-down, seems like a crazy hot mess right? But once that little one is here, the love and connection you feel for that little person is unlike anything else.

With all that said though, some women struggle to feel beautiful during and especially at the end of pregnancy. With hormones raging, stretch marks, swollen feet, and aches and pains, women can often shy away from the camera. If we stop for a moment to realize the sheer amazingness of the female body though, to create a little human being in just a few short months and the strength that lies within us to bring that baby into the world... that is surely something to celebrate!

Momma, you are gorgeous. You are worth celebrating and should take a moment to capture and remember this part of your journey into motherhood. You will have plenty of bathroom selfies of your bump but will you have a few photos that you truly love and make you feel absolutely beautiful? Your children will so appreciate these sweet photos and they will be some of your most treasured heirlooms.



Maternity Session 


This 1 hour session includes you and your significant other or older children with no restrictions on outfits as long as it fits within the session time.

Package includes: 

  • online gallery for viewing and ordering prints

  • full-resolution digital downloads (a session renders 25+ photos)


  • Custom designed high quality album of your session photos starting at $150

All sitting fees, packages, and products are subject to a 7% IN sales tax. We are fully licensed, insured, and registered in IN. Travel fee applies for shoots beyond 20 miles of 47904. Prices subject to change.



Tips on Preparing for your Maternity Session

Growing a little human being inside of you is something you certainly want to remember and your children will most definitely want to see pictures of when they were in mommy’s tummy too! Below are a few handy tips for when you are considering or have already booked a maternity session. 

1.     The best time to schedule your maternity session is between 30-36 weeks so that your baby bump has “popped” but you don’t yet feel totally uncomfortable and about to go into labor.

2.     Your hands will be highlighted on your belly in the photos, so feel free to treat yourself to a manicure, preferably light or neutral colored before your session.

3.     If you have any items such as your ultrasound picture or family heirlooms that you would like to include in some photos, please bring them along so that we can include them.  

4.     Picking out the right outfit for your maternity session is essential so that you feel comfortable and relaxed! Choose something that is fitted enough to highlight the curvature of your bump. Large prints or busy and bold patterns often distract from your beautiful belly, but empire waists, wrap dresses, or other fitted outfits help enhance it. Feel free to send me a picture of your outfit so that we can coordinate with the location and season.

5.     If you are renting a maternity gown or dress, make sure to have it a day or two ahead of time so that you can try it on and have a backup if you don’t like how it fits. 

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